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Our Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) curriculum is considered a core subject, which is designed to be accessible to all, so that every child knows more, remembers more and understands more. As a result of this, they will become healthier, confident, independent and responsible members of society who are confident in dealing with moral, social and cultural issues that are a part of growing up. Our aims are to provide pupils with the knowledge and confidence to fully equip them for their next steps.

The Curriculum has been devised in line with The National Curriculum whilst adapting and implementing areas specific to the needs of our own pupils.’ It intends to offer a broad, relevant, interesting and insightful education. PSHE at Eden includes the following five core themes: ‘Health and Wellbeing’ (Mental and Physical Wellbeing), ‘Sex and Relationship Education’ (SRE), ‘Citizenship’, ‘Beliefs and Values’ and ‘Living in the Wider World.’

Within Citizenship, our pupils’ are given opportunities to learn about rights and responsibilities; tolerance of others’ beliefs and ideas; the rule of law in society; the role that democracy plays in the running of our society; and encouraging pupils to have a mutual respect for others in our local community and a wider diverse society.

Our intent is to:

  • Build a PSHE & SRE curriculum, which develops learning and results in the acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable our pupils’ to be healthy, happy, confident and responsible individuals who are able to make informed choices to keep themselves and others safe.
  • The aim of SRE is to give young people the information they need to help them develop healthy, nurturing relationships of all kinds, not just intimate relationships. Pupils’ will learn about developing intimate relationships, keeping safe within them and resisting pressure to have sex.

This aims to help pupils understand the positive effects that good relationships have on their mental wellbeing, identify when relationships are not right and understand how such situations can be managed.

  • Help pupils develop feelings of positive self-esteem, self-respect, confidence and empathy.
  • Create a positive culture around issues of sexuality and relationships
  • Have a curriculum that promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils.
  • Improve both academic and non-academic outcomes.
  • In order to implement our intent, we have:
  • Two PSHE lessons per week for all year groups
  • A Curriculum map which is sequenced for students to access and revisit all core themes
  • Ensured that staff are equipped with the necessary professional development and support to deliver our curriculum
  • A clear and comprehensive scheme of work in line with the key themes: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World which highlights relevant links to British Values, Cultural Capital, and SMSC
  • A scheme of work that focuses on progressive skills and knowledge in creating understanding
  • Trips and guest speakers to enrich the learning experience and knowledge of pupils’
  • Whole School Assemblies which focus on SMSC, PSHE and British Values
  • Drop Down Day’s which focus on school/pupil need, complimenting and enhancing learning
  • A subject leader who monitors teaching and learning to improve standards and outcomes
  • A curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils
  • Use of regular retrieval practice and formative assessments to inform planning and re-teaching when necessary

Curriculum Maps

“Eden is a life-transforming school where we provide the best education for young people who have complex social, emotional and mental health needs.”

Jen Ashworth, Headteacher