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Peace Charter

  • We all expect to be seen and respected as individuals and for our differences to be celebrated rather than used to divide us.
  • Our emotional health and wellbeing should be treated with the same importance as educational and academic development.
  • We all promise to give opportunities for individuals from different schools and environments to come together.
  • We all expect to be consulted and represented on those matters that affect our lives. Our representations should form part of the decision making process.
  • We all expect our schools to collaborate and provide us with opportunities to work with each other.
  • We all expect to be taught about the world around us/the world that we live in.
  • We all demand that respectful language in all forms of communication is non‐negotiable amongst ourselves and others.
  • We all expect to feel safe ourselves and pledge not to make others feel unsafe and to take action to protect this.
  • We expect to be supported in this by the adults in our lives.
  • We all expect to express our views respectfully about those things that affect us, sometimes strongly, without ever resorting to violence and aggression.
  • We all pledge to abide, to the best of our abilities, to our charter of values.

“Eden is a life-transforming school where we provide the best education for young people who have complex social, emotional and mental health needs.”

Jen Ashworth, Headteacher