Reading at Eden

At Eden, reading is a huge priority for our school and for our pupils as we recognise the significant benefits in having a functional reading age for when our pupils take the next steps in their lives and careers. We want our pupils to have the best possible chance of succeeding given that often they come to us without the skills necessary to be able to be confident and successful readers.

Pupils come to Eden School often without the necessary decoding skills to be able to progress as confident readers. Once these needs have been identified pupils work with specifically trained staff on a systematic synthetic phonics programme that helps pupils to acquire the necessary alphabetic code, word recognition and blending skills necessary to make improvements in their reading and ultimately their wider learning.

The importance of regular reading at Eden is always promoted and encouraged. Pupils at KS2, KS3 and KS4 have dedicated, timetabled reading slots where they spend time reading book titles that they have chosen and that are linked to their reading ability at that time.

Each classroom has a dedicated reading area and the library is stocked with a variety of books for the pupils to choose from, that are linked to their interests and are age appropriate.

During learning walks from trained staff, pupils are given the opportunity to read aloud to improve their oral competency and confidence.

Pupils also undertake Guided Reading each Friday with a topic linked to the school calendar. This aids pupils in being able to have more control over their reading using strategies to help with decoding and meaning of words.

At Key Stage 2, pupils take a reading book home read and also have a class reader which is linked to social skills that may be prevalent at the time.


Vocabulary acquisition and being able to read fluently are part of our curriculum at Eden.   In each subject area explicit vocabulary teaching is evident throughout and we always encourage pupils to speak out in lessons to help improve their oral fluency.  We always support our pupils to write as well as they can in each lesson.

Through exposing pupils to more sophisticated vocabulary throughout their curriculum journey, they will be better equipped to be able to comprehend more sophisticated texts in their reading and in their writing be better equipped to be able to use more sophisticated vocabulary to help support deeper understanding.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated is used by staff and pupils at Eden to support improvements in reading skills. All pupils are enrolled on to the AR programme where they each complete a baseline STAR assessment, giving an overall reading age and then a suggested level of book titles they should be reading from. Pupils then complete two further STAR reading tests in the academic year where there should be an improvement in their reading age.

Once a pupil has completed a book they log in to the AR website and complete a quiz on the book they have read. Pupils need to score 60% or more on the test to achieve a pass.

Pupils achievements are celebrated in terms of the words they have read and the books they have read with a monthly prize and certificates are displayed around school.

“Eden is a life-transforming school where we provide the best education for young people who have complex social, emotional and mental health needs.”

Jen Ashworth, Headteacher