At Eden we are proud of our English curriculum. English at Eden is structured 2 ways: The importance of English Language for accuracy and clarity and the importance of Literature for knowledge, creativity and expression.

The curriculum is designed to be broad and balanced, planned in line with the National Curriculum whilst also allowing our pupils to develop their ‘cultural capital’.  At Eden we are proud of the community we serve and we are constantly striving to ensure that our pupils receive the best education that matches their needs and interests so that when they leave us they are better equipped to be able to contribute positively to society and to be able to make better informed choices about their next steps.

Learning English at Eden is a fully coherent process. Topics are taught discreetly to ensure substantive knowledge is being learned, with a significant focus on literacy skills. Each topic consists of relevant composition (what we want our children to learn) and this is broken down further into component parts (building blocks), supported by regular and robust formative assessment processes.

Our English curriculum is driven by a passionate head of department with full support from the senior leadership team, ensuring that the curriculum is sequenced and allows our pupils to know more and remember more. Key features of our implementation are:

  • Strong teacher modelling;
  • The pre-teaching of essential vocabulary;
  • Precise ‘live marking’ to support our pupil’s literacy development;
  • Regular reviews of prior learning;
  • Regular retrieval practice;
  • Clear and concise scaffolding to ensure access for all learning abilities;
  • Use of formative assessments to inform planning and re-teaching where necessary.

Curriculum Maps

“Eden is a life-transforming school where we provide the best education for young people who have complex social, emotional and mental health needs.”

Jen Ashworth, Headteacher