Creative Arts

Art is an integral part of the daily curriculum and is delivered to Key Stage Two and Three. At present the option for Key Stage Four is an arts award programme that starts at bronze then silver and finally gold. Gold is recognised by UCAS.

The Art Room is fully equipped with  high quality materials for the children to work with. This is important as it follows the level of expectation from the national curriculum by developing knowledge and skill through materials

Art is a vital part of the school as it is a therapeutic subject that strives to raise self-confidence and gives the students a safe space to express themselves through the array of materials all the while helping to build social skills. We also look at different time periods relating in art and reflect on what has changed. Art supports other subjects by creating a visual of history and linking it to events that they might cover in their History, Geography, SMSC and English lessons. We don’t just look at historical art we strive to keep the children engaged through contemporary artists as well and art they will know from story books or popular culture.