Science is taught as a core subject and the national curriculum is followed at all key stages. We constantly strive to deliver lessons that encompass both visual and kinaesthetic learning styles meaning that, at Eden, the schemes of work are designed to give learners a broad overview of the subject at Key Stages 2 and 3.

At Key Stage 2 science is introduced and taught in an appropriate way for primary school learners. At Key Stage 3 and 4 we strive to make students independent thinkers and problem solvers which will prepare them well for GCSE exams. All students are encouraged to participate in AQA awards, especially those in KS2 and KS3.

The science team plan a number of trips for student to experience the impact of science outside of a classroom. Trips have included visits to the Jodrell Bank and The Manchester Science Musuem.

At Eden School the laboratory is fitted like you would expect to see in a school laboratory and over the coming years, we will build up the practical equipment so that students can take part in the same wide variety of practical investigations carried out by their mainstream peers. We hope that there will be opportunities for the KS2 students to experience at least some of their lessons in a laboratory.

The science department aim to encourage learners to:

  • Be inquisitive about the world around them
  • Learn relevant practical skills related to science
  • Be able to critically examine evidence and data
  • Understand the reliance of modern life on the work of scientist
  • Be able to make informed decisions when presented with conflicting data