Communication with Parents / Carers Policy

Eden School recognises the importance of clear and effective communication with all stakeholders and is committed to being open and accessible for all who have an interest in the school.

Eden will seek to engage and involve parents in all aspects of the school operations from parent governors to curriculum design, supporting the delivery and in particular for all parents to support and encourage their child to succeed. Parent review days and meetings will feature within the school calendar and parents will be encouraged to visit the school at other times to ensure that they are kept fully informed of their child’s progress. The curriculum will be extended to actively engage parents/carers in their child’s learning and progression through their education.

Parents and carers will be encouraged to be involved with their child’s success within the school and will be invited to planned events including coffee mornings, Christmas parties and open days etc. There will also be regular phone calls home on the positive progress their child is making, together with a weekly sheet outlining the pupil’s timetable within the school

The key stakeholders for a school are parents, carers and pupils and this policy addresses the main ways in which the school ensures effective two-way communication between home and the school.

In this policy the term ‘parents’ refers to both parents and carers.