Education of Children in our Care

The Policy sets out the ethos of the school in its approach to meeting the needs of Children in Our Care and the associated procedures.

There has been concern since the mid-seventies that the education of children in care has been neglected. Conversely, from about the same time, attention was also being drawn to the important part that successful schooling could play in helping children escape from social disadvantage. A joint report by the Social Services Inspectorate and OfSTED stated that the care and education systems were failing to promote the educational achievement of children in care and draw attention to:

  • Poor exam success rates in comparison with the general population
  • A high level of disruption and change in school placements
  • Lack of involvement in extra-curricular activities
  • Inconsistent or no attention paid to homework
  • Underachievement in further and higher education

It is therefore essential that our school promotes the achievement of such vulnerable children.