Eden School Computing Department strives to be at the forefront of innovative educational techniques and technological advances. With a strong focus on Computer Science based learning the Computing department have developed a more bespoke curriculum that best meets the needs of our pupils and the use of computer technology in today’s society.


Department Aims

It is the aim of Eden School Computing Department to;

  • provide essential computing and IT skills suitable for everyday life, independent learning and employment opportunities;
  • present opportunities that build confidence and enable pupils to reach their full potential;
  • enable pupils to explore their creativity using technology in a supportive, safe and nurturing environment;
  • enable a deeper understanding of the social, ethical, legal and economic implications of using technology and IT, including how to use ICT safely and responsibly allowing appropriate engagement in modern society;
  • to challenge pupils to become independent enquirers, creative thinkers and efficient problem solvers to real world problems;


Subject content

The Computing curriculum at Eden School aims to engage and enthuse all pupils in a wide range of both practical skills and theoretical IT based problem solving activities. The key curriculum areas focus on computer science, digital literacy and creativity.

Pupils will learn a fundamental understanding of how computers, networks and the internet work, various programming languages, animation, App design, game design, modelling with Spreadsheets, website design and sound and graphics editing. Particular emphasis is made on E-Safety and ensuring all pupils remain safe and respectable users of technology and online communications.



The Computing department will soon have a dedicated and well-resourced teaching room, due to be finished towards the end of 2018. A wide range of resources are available to develop and enhance the learning of the pupils.



Computing is delivered to all pupils in KS2, KS3 and in KS4.

Pupils in Year 9/10/11 have the opportunity to achieve Functional Skills.

These courses will prepare pupils for further study and careers in IT by introducing them to the three key occupational areas: creative, data management and technical.


Creative:   • creating a website          • creating an interactive entertainment product

Data management:    • creating a spreadsheet                    • creating a database

Technical:     • creating a small office network               • building and configuring a PC.