Additional Provision



Students’ progress is tracked through ongoing assessments

Students transition information and initial baseline testing identifies which intervention would benefit the student in order to help them bridge gaps in their learning


The SENCO shares information of students with additional needs with staff. They are made aware of potential barriers to learning posed by different SEND and how best to address them. Whole school staff training and different areas of SEND through CPD are available.


Information is detected at:

  • Prior to transition and baseline testing
  • All students are baseline tested using LUCID, WRATS 5, SSRE numeracy, banding in literacy and Boxhall
  • Students are identified on transition for intervention programmes on specialist recommendations
  • Baseline testing results are shared and analysed by the SENCO and shared with staff
  • The SENCO analysis what is working well and what adaptations need to be made to class teaching, schemes of work, student groupings and interventions


Eden empowers their staff so their skills can be used flexibly in response to students’ needs

All staff deliver catch up programmes and are accountable to track the progress and attendance of students

Yearly appraisals are carried out for the TAs

Professional development is available through CPD

Eden school are aware of and utilise expertise beyond the school workforce


Eden school has a clear focus on outcomes and accountability for progress, academically and socially. The impact of all provision is regularly monitored to ensure continued improvement.

  • QA walks
  • Observations
  • Book monitoring
  • Strategy evaluation sheets
  • TA/teacher planning forms

Adaptations continue to be made to current practice in light of evaluations to ensure provision meets the identified needs of our students


Intervention Impact
Breakfast club Breakfast club helps with students socialization skills and gives them a positive start to the day allowing them to have breakfast before the school day begins, preparing them for their learning that lies before them
Numeracy Catch up This is an intervention that is provided to significantly improve the achievement of learners in numeracy, using the SSRE numeracy programme,  allowing the students to narrow the attainment gap
Literacy catch up This is an intervention that is provided to significantly improve the achievement of learners in reading speed and /or comprehension using the Stile Comprehension and Rising Stars Guinness World Records programme allowing the students to narrow the attainment gap
Knock Knock Reading This is an intervention that is provided to significantly improve the achievement of learners in reading and spelling, allowing the students to become more confident and independent readers
Handwriting catch up This is an intervention that teaches targeted students to improve their general fine motor skills and also to secure neat and legible handwriting
Phonics This is an intervention that is provided to significantly improve phonological awareness, handwriting, reading and memory skills
Indirect Dyslexia Learning Programme This is an intervention that is a multi-sensory learning tool designed for students to improve their organisational skills, memory, spelling, comprehension and typing skills
Speech and Language programme This is an intervention for students identified as having Speech and Language difficulties and have been provided with recommendations from the specialist team
Fine Motor Skills programme This programme supports students will fine motor skills development that involves a refined use of the small muscles which control the hand, fingers and thumbs. With the development of these skills, the students will be supported in helping them to complete more complex tasks gaining strength and confidence
Irlen Screening This is an intervention where students have been identified with possible difficulties of scotopic sensitivity. A screening takes place in school and relevant resources are recommended
Anger Management programme This is a six week programme that is a process of learning to recognise signs that your becoming angry and taking action to calm down and deal with the situation in a productive way
Social Skills programme This is a six week programme  to teach and guide social interaction of students participating in a group, discussing a range of behaviours that help them access relationships and behave appropriately in social situations
Emotional Literacy programme This is a six week programme that supports students succeed academically and socially by covering areas such as self-awareness, emotional control, self-motivation, empathy and relationship skills; therefore a gateway to better learning, friendships, academic success and employment
Sex Education Programme This is a six week programme that supports students gain knowledge, attitudes, skills and values to help them make appropriate and healthy choices in their sexual behaviours
Therapeutic Play That is a programme that differs from regular play in that the sessions help the student/students address and resolve their own problems. Through therapeutic play children learn to communicate with others, express feelings, modify behaviour, develop problem solving skills and learn a variety of ways of relating to others.   
Princes Trust This is an intervention that offers students to embrace exciting opportunities, helping them develop key skills while boosting their confidence and motivation so they can continue to dream big.
ASDAN This is an intervention that are programmes that are recognised awards , promoting a wide range of personal qualities, abilities and achievement of students as well as introducing them to new activities and challenges
Careers This is an intervention that helps students to consider their career options and to make informed, suitable and achievable career decisions.
Outdoor Education This is an intervention to encourage and inspire students through positive experience and participation in engaging, motivation, achievable tasks outside of the classroom environment outside of the classroom.
MMA This is a class with the concept of cross training in different martial arts. This is a rewarding activity that is a stress reliever for many. It teaches students discipline, knowledge and responsibility. It also develops physical strength, mental strength and self confidence
Swimming lessons This is an intervention for students to develop self-confidence, respect around water, improve fitness, co-ordination and learn a lifelong skill
Fundamental sports through Blackburn Rovers This is an intervention that offers fundamental sport development, social development and also fitness through Blackburn Rovers
BTEC Sports through Blackburn Rovers Teaching and training delivered at Ewood Park in state of the art facilities with fully qualified specialised teaching staff
My Life group programme This is a six week programme that supports students to improve their own health and well-being by increasing confidence and motivation, exploring skills, goal setting and becoming more emotionally resilient
My Life individual programme This is an individual programme that supports a student to improve their own health and wellbeing, increasing self-confidence and motivation, building on strengths and helps develop lifelong skills that promote positive behaviour changes
Transforming Lives This is a panel of professions who invite students and their families to make positive lifestyle changes. The programme uses a multi-agency approach to develop An Individualised action plan of support to prevent escalation or support down from crisis